A representative sampling of recent CLG Hedge Fund transactions.


Multi-Use Commercial Development
Corporate Offices / Commercial / Retail Development
Plano, TX

Hotel Construction and Development
Highrise Hotel
Austin, TX

Mixed-Use Highrise
Hotel/Condo/Commercial/Retail Development
Austin, TX

Commercial Office Building
Ft. Worth, TX

Commercial Office Building
Dallas, TX

Acquisition and SFR Development
Dallas, TX

Industrial Park and SFR Development
Austin, TX

Commercial Acquisition
Atlanta, GA

Residential Land Loan
Celina, TX

Land Refinance
Riverside County, CA

Commercial Land and Mineral Loan
Westlake and Grapevine, TX

Multi-Zoned Raw Land Loan
Frisco, TX

Acquisition and Development
Chicago, IL

Acquisition and SFR Development
Nashville, TN

Commercial/Retail Raw Land Loan
McKinney, TX